My puppies are amazing, and the reservation list is generally 6 months out, as a result:)  They are worth the wait, I promise!  Next available puppies will be late spring. 

Now accepting deposits for late fall puppies.  

Fergie and Moose/Louis due July 31st: this litter is currently FULL

Bella and Nola due September 5th:  This is litter is a repeat matching.  It is Bella's last litter.  I absolutely love Bella and Nola puppies the first round.  There will be chocolates and chocolates with spots, fleece, and 20-25 pounds. FULL 

Gigi and Bandit due September 5th:  Absolutely adorable smaller puppies.  They will be 15-25 pounds.  Reds, browns, and black all solid wavy fleece. FULL

Tess and Archie/Bandit due October 31st:  This litter is currently FULL.  More spots might open up when they are born.